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Breath of the Wild Guide
Tutsuwa Nima
Breath of the Wild Guide
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Table of Contents
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Trial A Major Test of Strength, The Spring of Power
Treasure Flamespear

More Shrines

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Zuna Kai
Shrine: Akkala Zuna Kai's Blessing, The Skull's Eye Flame Blade Akkala
Katosa Aug
Shrine: Akkala Katosa Aug Apparatus Great Frostblade Akkala
Ritaag Zumo
Shrine: Akkala Ritaag Zumo's Blessing, Into the Vortex Giant Ancient Core Akkala
Dah Hesho
Shrine: Akkala A Minor Test of Strength Giant Ancient Core Akkala
Tu Ka'loh
Shrine: Akkala Lomei Labyrinth Island, Trial of the Labyrinth Ancient Core Akkala
Ze Kasho
Shrine: Akkala Ze Kasho Apparatus Silverscale Spear Akkala
Ke'nai Shakah
Shrine: Akkala A Modest Test of Strength Sapphire Akkala

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Tutsuwa Nima
Shrine: Akkala A Major Test of Strength, The Spring of Power Flamespear Akkala
Seek Out Impa
Quest: Main Quest Great Plateau King Rhoam Main Quest
Character: Female Hylian Female
Qukah Nata Shrine
Shrine: Faron Song of Storms, Qukah Nata's Blessing Rubber Tights Faron
Dila Maag Shrine
Shrine: Gerudo Wasteland South Lomei Labyrinth, Dila Maag's Blessing Barbarian Armor Piece Gerudo Wasteland
Character: Female Gerudo Town Gerudo Female Gerudo Town
Character: Male Unknown Hylian Male Unknown
Noya Neha
Shrine: Central Hyrule A Minor Test of Strength Royal Shield Central Hyrule
Misae Suma Shrine
Shrine: Gerudo Wasteland The Perfect Drink, Misae Suma's Blessing Diamond Gerudo Wasteland
Character: Female Lakeside Stable Hylian Female Lakeside Stable