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Breath of the Wild Guide
Tu Ka'loh
Breath of the Wild Guide
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Table of Contents
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Trial Lomei Labyrinth Island, Trial of the Labyrinth
Treasure Ancient Core

Additional Shrines

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Zuna Kai
Shrine: Akkala Zuna Kai's Blessing, The Skull's Eye Flame Blade Akkala
Katosa Aug
Shrine: Akkala Katosa Aug Apparatus Great Frostblade Akkala
Ze Kasho
Shrine: Akkala Ze Kasho Apparatus Silverscale Spear Akkala
Ke'nai Shakah
Shrine: Akkala A Modest Test of Strength Sapphire Akkala
Tutsuwa Nima
Shrine: Akkala A Major Test of Strength, The Spring of Power Flamespear Akkala
Ritaag Zumo
Shrine: Akkala Ritaag Zumo's Blessing, Into the Vortex Giant Ancient Core Akkala
Dah Hesho
Shrine: Akkala A Minor Test of Strength Giant Ancient Core Akkala

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Similar Shrines to Tu Ka'loh

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Farmer's Pitchfork
Weapon: Other A farming tool used to collect hay efficiently. It's light enough to be used by anyone. The four prongs are very sharp. 7 12 Other
Throwing Spear
Weapon: Spear A specialized spear weighted to excel as a throwing weapon. It's perfectly balanced to be thrown farther than your average spear, able to pierce targets from a great distance. 6 20 Spear
Ta'loh Naeg
Shrine: Dueling Peaks Ta'loh Naeg's Teaching Eightfold Longblade, Opal, Shield of the Mind's EyeOpal Dueling Peaks
Traveler's Spear
Weapon: Spear A spear used mainly by travelers to fend off wolves and other beasts. It's easy to hold and simple to use. 3 30 Spear
Ancient Battle Axe+
Weapon: Axe This ancient battle axe's damage output has been increased to maximum. It's sharp enough to cut through almost anything, so it may have been used to forge new routes. 45 20 Axe
Tu Ka'loh
Shrine: Akkala Lomei Labyrinth Island, Trial of the Labyrinth Ancient Core Akkala
Soldier's Spear
Weapon: Spear A long spear once used by the guards of Hyrule Castle. Easy to use but difficult to master. The iron tip is very sturdy and the shaft will not burn when exposed to flame. 7 35 Spear
Bokoblin Arm
Weapon: Other A skeletal arm that keeps moving even after it's severed from its body. It's kind of gross to strap it to your back, but it'll do in a pinch. It's old and fragile, so it's quick to break. 5 5 Other
Ka'o Makagh Shrine
Shrine: Lake Metal Doors Open the Way Traveler's Bow, Gold Rupee, Opal Lake
Spiked Moblin Club
Weapon: Club Animal bone has been affixed to this Moblin club to greatly improve its damage. 27 18 Club