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Breath of the Wild Guide
Toto Sah
Breath of the Wild Guide
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Table of Contents
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Trial Toto Sah Apparatus
Treasure Shield of the Mind's Eye

Additional Shrines

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Ha Dahamar
Shrine: Dueling Peaks The Water Guides Purple Rupee Dueling Peaks
Bosh Kala
Shrine: Dueling Peaks The Wind Guides You Soldier's Claymore, Amber Dueling Peaks
Hila Rao
Shrine: Dueling Peaks Watch out for the Flowers, Drifting Opal, Ice Arrows (x5) Dueling Peaks
Lakna Rokee
Shrine: Dueling Peaks The Stolen Heirloom, Lanka Rokee's Blessing Edge of Duality Dueling Peaks
Shee Venath
Shrine: Dueling Peaks Twin Memories Serpentine Spear Dueling Peaks
Shee Vaneer
Shrine: Dueling Peaks Twin Memories Eightfold Longblade Dueling Peaks
Ta'loh Naeg
Shrine: Dueling Peaks Ta'loh Naeg's Teaching Eightfold Longblade, Opal, Shield of the Mind's EyeOpal Dueling Peaks
Ree Dahee
Shrine: Dueling Peaks Timing is Critical Climber's Bandana Dueling Peaks

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Similar Shrines to Toto Sah

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Rota Ooh
Shrine: Central Hyrule Passing of the Gates Feathered Edge Central Hyrule
Toto Sah
Shrine: Dueling Peaks Toto Sah Apparatus Shield of the Mind's Eye Dueling Peaks
Shoda Sah Shrine
Shrine: Faron Impeccable Timing Ice Arrow x5 Faron
Sah Dahaj Shrine
Shrine: Eldin Power of Fire Knight's Bow Eldin
Dako Tah Shrine
Shrine: Gerudo Wasteland Electric Path Moonlight Scimitar, Ancient Core, Silver Rupee, Radiant Shield Gerudo Wasteland
Shai Yota Shrine
Shrine: Lanayru Master of the Wind, Shai Yota's Blessing Great Flameblade Lanayru
Cooking with Koko
Quest: Side Quest Kakariko Village Koko Side Quest
Tahno O'ah Shrine
Shrine: Hateno Secret of the Cedars, Tahno O'ah's Blessing Climbing Boots Hateno
Kah Yah Shrine
Shrine: Faron A Fragmented Monument, Quick Thinking Royal Claymore Faron
Sha Warvo Shrine
Shrine: Tabantha Path of Hidden Flights Purple Rupee, Knight's Bow Tabantha