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Rota Ooh
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Table of Contents
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Trial Passing of the Gates
Treasure Feathered Edge

More Shrines

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Noya Neha
Shrine: Central Hyrule A Minor Test of Strength Royal Shield Central Hyrule
Katah Chuki
Shrine: Central Hyrule A Minor Test of Strength Royal Halberd Central Hyrule
Kaam Ya'tak
Shrine: Central Hyrule Trial of Power Edge of Duality, Silver Rupee, Diamond Central Hyrule
Wahgo Katta
Shrine: Central Hyrule Metal Connections Amber Central Hyrule
Namika Ozz
Shrine: Central Hyrule A Modest Test of Strength Frostspear Central Hyrule
Saas Ko'sah
Shrine: Central Hyrule A Major Test of Strength Flameblade Central Hyrule
Dah Kaso
Shrine: Central Hyrule A Minor Test of Strength Ancient Core Central Hyrule

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Hot Buttered Apple
Recipe: Restores Hearts Apple, Goat Butter Low Unknown
Divine Beast Vah Ruta
Quest: Main Quest Zora's Domain King Dorephan Main Quest
Zora Spear
Weapon: Spear This spear is a Zora's weapon of choice. It's lighter than it looks due to being made from a special metal and is used by the Zora for both fishing and protecting their domain. 9 40 Spear
Tough Hot Buttered Apple
Recipe: Defense Boost Apple, Fortified Pumpkin, Goat Butter Low Low Low
Voo Lota Shrine
Shrine: Tabantha Recital at Warbler's Nest, The Winding Route Flameblade Tabantha
Royal Halberd
Weapon: Other This spear was issued to the knights who guarded Hyrule Castle's throne room. Its ornate design was applied by a craftsman in service to the royal family. 26 50 Other
King Dorephan
Character: Male Zora's Domain Zora Male Zora's Domain
Rota Ooh
Shrine: Central Hyrule Passing of the Gates Feathered Edge Central Hyrule
Character: Female Kakariko Village Sheikah Female Kakariko Village