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Keh Numut Shrine
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Table of Contents
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Trial Cryonis Trial
Treasure Cryonis Rune, Traveler's Spear

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Owa Daim Shrine
Shrine: Great Plateau Stasis Trial Stasis Rune, Traveler's Shield, Iron Sledgehammer Great Plateau
Etsu Korima Shrine
Shrine: Great Plateau Champion's Ballad Path of Light Gold Rupee Great Plateau
Ja Baij Shrine
Shrine: Great Plateau Bomb Trial Remote Bombs Rune, Traveler's Claymore, Amber Great Plateau
Yowaka Ita Shrine
Shrine: Great Plateau Champion's Ballad Collected Soul Bomb Arrows, Phrenic Bow Great Plateau
Ruvo Korbah Shrine
Shrine: Great Plateau Champion's Ballad A Major Test of Strength Plus Bomb Arrows, Giant Ancient Core Great Plateau
Oman Au Shrine
Shrine: Great Plateau Magnesis Trial Magnesis Rune, Traveler's Bow Great Plateau
Rohta Chigah Shrine
Shrine: Great Plateau Champion's Ballad Stop to Start Forest Dweller's Shield Great Plateau

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By Firefly's Light
Quest: Side Quest Kakariko Village Lasli Side Quest
Spring-Loaded Hammer
Weapon: Hammer This strange hammer is one of Kilton's specialties. Being struck by it doesn't hurt much, but the fourth swing in a string of attacks will send the victim flying. 1 80 Hammer
Character: Male Stable Unknown Male Stable
Ancient Spring
Recipe Material: Monster Part Hyrule Field, Hyrule Castle, Akkala Highlands, Death Mountain 0.0 Monster Part
The Spring of Wisdom
Quest: Shrine Quest Hateno Village Medda Shrine Quest
Keh Numut Shrine
Shrine: Great Plateau Cryonis Trial Cryonis Rune, Traveler's Spear Great Plateau
Character: Male West Necluda Hylian Male West Necluda
Character: Lurelin Village Hylian Lurelin Village
The Spring of Power
Quest: Shrine Quest East Akkala Stable Nobo Shrine Quest
Shrouded Shrine
Quest: Shrine Quest Thyphlo Ruins Shrine Quest