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Dila Maag Shrine
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Dila Maag Shrine Share
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Trial South Lomei Labyrinth, Dila Maag's Blessing
Treasure Barbarian Armor Piece

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Hearty Salt-Grilled Prime Meat
Recipe: Temporary Maximum Hearts Hearty Durian, Hearty Radish, Raw Prime Meat, Rock Salt High High
Bokoblin Fang
Recipe Material: Monster Part Hyrule Field, West Necluda, Gerudo Highlands, Gerudo Desert, Great Hyrule Forest 0.0 Monster Part
Hylian Rice
Recipe Material: Food 1.0 Food
Mighty Steamed Fish
Recipe: Attack Power Bird Egg, Hyrule Herb, Razorclaw Crab Low Medium Low
Spicy Mushroom Skewer
Recipe: Cold Resist Sunshroom Low Unknown
Blue Nightshade
Recipe Material: Food Stealth Up West Necluda, Lanayru Great Spring 0.0 Food
Mighty Herb Sautè
Recipe: Attack Power Mighty Porgy, Mighty Thistle, Bird Egg, Goron Spice High Medium Unknown
Mighty Crab Risotto
Recipe: Attack Power Hylian Rice, Goat Butter, Rock Salt, Razorclaw Crab Low Low Low

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Spring-Loaded Hammer
Weapon: Hammer This strange hammer is one of Kilton's specialties. Being struck by it doesn't hurt much, but the fourth swing in a string of attacks will send the victim flying. 1 80 Hammer
Maag No'rah Shrine
Shrine: Ridgeland Maag No'rah's Blessing Silver Rupee Ridgeland
Sheikah Monk
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Raw Meat
Recipe Material: Food Hyrule Field, Lanayru Great Spring, Hyrule Ridge, Great Hyrule Forest 1.0 Food
Character: Male Stable Unknown Male Stable
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Shrine: Great Hyrule Forest The Test of Wood, Maag Halan's Blessing Giant Ancient Core Great Hyrule Forest
Dila Maag Shrine
Shrine: Gerudo Wasteland South Lomei Labyrinth, Dila Maag's Blessing Barbarian Armor Piece Gerudo Wasteland