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Shrouded Shrine Quest Location & Rewards
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Shrouded Shrine Quest Location & Rewards Share
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Quest Shrouded Shrine
Shrine Unlocked Ketoh Wawai

Other Quests

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Cliffside Etchings
Quest: Shrine Quest Tabantha Bridge Stable Geggle Shrine Quest
Test of Will
Quest: Shrine Quest Mount Nabooru Bayge Shrine Quest
Trial of the Labyrinth
Quest: Shrine Quest Lomei Labyrinth Island Shrine Quest
The Gut Check Challenge
Quest: Shrine Quest Gut Check Rock Bayge Shrine Quest
The Cursed Statue
Quest: Shrine Quest Fort Hateno Calip Shrine Quest
The Stolen Heirloom
Quest: Shrine Quest Kakariko Village Paya Shrine Quest
The Ancient Rito Song
Quest: Shrine Quest Rito Village Bedoli Shrine Quest
A Fragmented Monument
Quest: Shrine Quest Palmorae Ruins Garini Shrine Quest
The Test of Wood
Quest: Shrine Quest Korok Forest Damia Shrine Quest
The Bird in the Mountains
Quest: Shrine Quest Rito Village Molli Shrine Quest

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The Eye of the Sandstorm
Quest: Shrine Quest Kara Kara Bazaar Nobiro Shrine Quest
The Perfect Drink
Quest: Shrine Quest East Barrens Pokki Shrine Quest
A Landscape of a Stable
Quest: Shrine Quest Foothill Stable Mayro Shrine Quest
Under a Red Moon
Quest: Shrine Quest Hyrule Ridge Kass Shrine Quest
Watch out for the Flowers
Quest: Shrine Quest Hylia River Magda Shrine Quest
Trial on the Cliff
Quest: Shrine Quest North Lomei Labyrinth Shrine Quest
The Seven Heroines
Quest: Shrine Quest Gerudo Town Rotana Shrine Quest
Secret of the Cedars
Quest: Shrine Quest Hateno Village Clavia Shrine Quest
The Skull's Eye
Quest: Shrine Quest Akkala Ancient Tech Lab Jerrin Shrine Quest
Into the Vortex
Quest: Shrine Quest Rist Peninsula Stone Tablet Shrine Quest

Other Quests

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Trial of Thunder
Quest: Shrine Quest Thundra Plateau Shrine Quest
Master of the Wind
Quest: Shrine Quest Horon Lagoon Kass Shrine Quest
Stranded on Eventide
Quest: Shrine Quest Eventide Island Shrine Quest
The Undefeated Champ
Quest: Shrine Quest Sand-Seal Rally Tali Shrine Quest
The Crowned Beast
Quest: Shrine Quest Rabia Plain Kass Shrine Quest
The Three Giant Brothers
Quest: Shrine Quest Mount Taran Stone Tablet Shrine Quest
The Serpent's Jaws
Quest: Shrine Quest Pagos Woods Kass Shrine Quest
Recital at Warbler's Nest
Quest: Shrine Quest Rito Village Kheel Shrine Quest
The Two Rings
Quest: Shrine Quest West Hyrule Plains Kass Shrine Quest
The Silent Swordswomen
Quest: Shrine Quest Gerudo Town Laine Shrine Quest

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Similar Quests to Shrouded Shrine Quest Location & Rewards

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Character: Male Malanya Spring Fairy-Deity Male Malanya Spring
Molduga Guts
Recipe Material: Monster Part Gerudo Desert 0.0 Monster Part
Ketoh Wawai Shrine
Shrine: Great Hyrule Forest Shrouded Shrine, Ketoh Wawai's Blessing Ancient Core Great Hyrule Forest
Character: Male West Necluda Hylian Male West Necluda
Character: Male Stable Unknown Male Stable
Character: Male Lanayru Great Spring Hylian Male Lanayru Great Spring
Sheikah Monk
Character: Male Shrines Sheikah Male Shrines
Character: Male West Necluda Hylian Male West Necluda
Shrouded Shrine
Quest: Shrine Quest Thyphlo Ruins Shrine Quest
Spring-Loaded Hammer
Weapon: Hammer This strange hammer is one of Kilton's specialties. Being struck by it doesn't hurt much, but the fourth swing in a string of attacks will send the victim flying. 1 80 Hammer