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Photo Number 9
Pikango Location
Pikango Instructions Pikango will provide you with clues to help you complete the Captured Memories Side Quest. Speak with him and he will give you clues on the location of the captured memory.
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Memory Location
Start From Akkala Tower
Location The first way is to warp to Akkala Tower and then follow the road leading to the Akkala Highlands. Go to the East Akkala Stable and Katosa Aug shrine. Get a horse from East Akkala Stable. Next, head to the grassy field.

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Korok Leaf
Weapon: Other A single swing of this giant, sturdy leaf can create a gust of wind strong enough to blow away light objects. 1 25 Other
Spring-Loaded Hammer
Weapon: Hammer This strange hammer is one of Kilton's specialties. Being struck by it doesn't hurt much, but the fourth swing in a string of attacks will send the victim flying. 1 80 Hammer
The Spring of Wisdom
Quest: Shrine Quest Hateno Village Medda Shrine Quest
Character: Female Lon Lon Ranch Horse Female Lon Lon Ranch
The Spring of Power
Quest: Shrine Quest East Akkala Stable Nobo Shrine Quest
Character: Male Outskirt Stable Unknown Male Outskirt Stable
Character: Male Stable Unknown Male Stable
Shrouded Shrine
Quest: Shrine Quest Thyphlo Ruins Shrine Quest
Savage Lynel Crusher
Weapon: Crusher This Lynel-made two-handed weapon is immensely heavy thanks to a rare metal from Death Mountain's peak. The power of its downward swing is in a class all its own. 78 35 Crusher
Ancient Spring
Recipe Material: Monster Part Hyrule Field, Hyrule Castle, Akkala Highlands, Death Mountain 0.0 Monster Part